Connecting Postman with Dynamics 365

This is a pretty straightforward setup. Postman can be called a browser on steroid – it can send HTTP request to our D365 instance and get the result. To set it up, you need to consider 3 areas in Postman.

  1. Environment
  2. Collection
  3. Request

We will start with each one of them in sequence.

Create Environment with Below Variables:

Environment can be used mainly to store dependent variables – so we can have one set for Prod and another for Test.

clientidclientId Guid From App Registration
callbackRedirect URI from App Registration

Create Collection and Auth Token

Collection contain multiple Request objects. You can have authorization at Collection level which can then be used for its Request.

Select the ‘Collection’ from left menu and click on ‘+’ to create new collection

Now under Auth Tab select ‘OAuth 2.0’ as option and below settings:

Once you click on ‘Gent New Access Token’ you will receive it as below:

Create Request

The last step is to create Request. Request have the HTTP verb and the URL. The authentication mechanism can also be defined explicitly here.

Right click on collection and create request:

  • Name the request like above ‘WhoAmI Request’
  • Put the send url as {{webapiurl}}WhoAmI
  • Select the access Token as the one saved before.

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